Not only do plantation shutters give your house an aesthetic appeal but they are also one of the best investments you will ever make due to their ease of maintenance. The best part about plantation shutters is that they require no hooks, bolts and pleats. You don’t even need the ladder when you decide to install them or do a quick sweep.

The only thing that you have to be conscious about is how to maintain interior shutters properly. If you give them the care they need, they can last up to a life time without being damaged or wearing out. All you need is a little maintenance every once in a blue moon and regular cleaning.

How to clean your interior shutters…

Cleaning your shutters is simple enough. You can adopt any of the follow techniques and you’re set to go:


Dusting is perhaps the easiest way to ensure that your shutters remain clean on a daily basis. Using a dry cloth and wiping each slat separately will remove the accumulation of dirt that harms the shutter over time. If your shutters have been installed far above your reach, invest in a feather duster that will wipe away dust from every nook and cranny. If you want to go a step further and clean multiple slats all at once, get a blind cleaner that will help you dust from one point to the next effortlessly.


If your shutters are located near the balcony, kitchen or playroom then they are likely to stain heavily and at a much faster rate. Rainy weather might cause water to stain just as splashes from a kitchen sink would. Similarly, if you have shutters in your children’s bedroom, they are likely to touch them with dirty hands. In such circumstances, it is best to use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away the stains before they get a chance to set in –especially for wooden shutters. IT is best if you explore stainless plantation shutter options for such areas of your house so that you are not rushed to clean them every time they are exposed to pollutants. 


For those looking to save time, you can even decide to vacuum your shutters using the soft brush nozzle. Sweep each slat from one end to the other and watch as all the dirt gets sucked into the vacuum cleaner leaving your shutters spotless. Using the soft brush nozzle will ensure that all the cleaning is done properly all the while your shutters remain protected from scratches and dents. 


When your shutters become so stain ridden that it seems impossible to remove them completely, just get them painted over. This way, not only do you get a cleaner look but you get to experiment with the overall look of the shutters. 

How to maintain your interior shutters

Overtime, your shutter may wear out a little. However, this is no cause for concern. When shutters wear out, finding a solution is always easy. All you may have to do, in worst case scenarios, is to loosen the screws that make sliding the shutters a little tougher. Similarly, if they become too loose, just tighten the screw –its as easy as that. Minimal effort for something that provides so much utility and a unique look for your house.





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